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Capacity Building

Meet the regulatory, business, and transparency requirements!

An advisory program designed to guide your business to meet regulatory, business, and transparency requirements of the chosen market.

Meeting regulatory market demands

Anteja Africa facilitates meeting the regulatory market demands for the desired market you want to pursue. The support includes guidance on standards and certificates that need to be obtained for participation in the desired markets, the processes that need to be implemented for good trade (e.g. export processes), and guidance on best markets for the products offered.

Meeting transparency demands

Consumers, bulk buyers, distributors, and regulators are increasingly demanding transparency and making it one of their key requirements. Anteja Africa offers support in implementing the right level of transparency for the desired market you want to pursue. This includes the guidance on what each market demands in terms of transparency and the digital tools to meet those demands.

Transparency Information

Gather and organize transparency information of your business and your products.

Product details and origin, processes, certifications, social responsibility, and environmental sustainability using phy2app®.

Transparency information

The key transparency information demanded by various stakeholders includes the product details, product’s origin, proofs of obtained certifications & standards, process details, social responsibility facts, and environmental sustainability practices.Different markets demand different levels of transparency of these key information categories.

phy2app® digital tool

phy2app® allows companies to gather, organize and communicate the key transparency information to the relevant stakeholders. It is a tool that helps companies meet the transparency demand of the respective markets.

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Make the most out of the efforts and investments into transparency!

Communicate the transparency gained by making the supply chains transparent to the relevant stakeholders. Maximize the value of transparency by sharing it!

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