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Success Story — Miyonga Fresh Greens opening new markets using phy2app

Miyonga Fresh Greens was among the first Kenyan companies to use phy2app and make transparency a strategic decision for the direction of their business. This is the story of how they were able to leverage the power of phy2app transparency to open new market opportunities and improve the market position of their products and [...]

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IMPORTANCE OF TRANSPARENCY for natural cosmetics brands with PELERE

Pelere Group is a company we at Anteja started working with during our work with GIZ in Uganda in 2019. Pelere is an established and growing producer of natural cosmetics, mostly focusing on shea butter products. Pelere was one of the first companies that have implemented any transparency solution in the Ugandan market. We followed [...]

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We found ourselves working with some of the most prosperous local brands during our work with the GIZ Creating Perspectives program in Uganda. One of them was Honey Pride limited. We highlighted the importance of transparency and helped companies work towards it during our workshops in 2019. Since then, a few of those brands [...]

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