Most of you have already heard of avocado and its beneficial effects on health. This fruit, grown in more than 50 tropical and subtropical countries, is still gaining importance due to its nutritional and bioactive compounds. Let’s see what’s behind these claims. Nutrition Pulp is the edible part of avocado fruit and its content varies between [...]

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Cyato Tea — A revolutionary tea producer from Rwanda

Organic, Eco friendly, Socially Responsible & Transparent tea producer of the 21st century! Cyato tea Factory & the principles of organic agriculture Hello Alain, please give the readers some background about you and Cyato Tea. Cyato Tea is a privately owned Rwandan company established in 2015 with 1,200 hectares of purely organic tea plantations certified by [...]

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How Anteja Africa is building sustainable value chains

Due to resource scarcity and yet companies have to increasingly compete for consumers and resources have changed the way companies carry out their businesses. To remain competitive, the companies have to go beyond how they operate. They have to consider opportunities that increase resource efficiency and reduce the environmental footprint across the entire value chain [...]

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