Bulk agricultural products

Improve the market position of your products and scale your sales activities!

Consumer products

Communicate the right information!

Communicate the information the market wants to see! phy2app® guides you to gather and organize the information buyers and consumers want to know about the product’s origin and quality, achieved certificates and standards, the production processes, the social and environmental impacts.

Organized information for the best impression!

Present all the information in a structured and organized way to give viewers the best experience in learning critical aspects of your products and make a professional impression.

Share the information!

Share the information across various channels for the greatest reach and impact. Share it via email, social media, and add it to your website. Incorporate the QR labels on the product packaging and marketing material.

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Authenticity Assurance

Build additional trust using phy2app® proprietary system and the existing information printed on product packaging to give buyers assurance of enjoying an authentic product.

Traceability Communication

Communicate batch level traceability to farmer level. Input the locations of farmers that contributed to the specific batch and enable buyers to quickly learn about the precise origin of the product.

Collect scanning data

Learn about the product’s global reach

Which regions are most interested in transparency? How many people are interested in transparency? How about the product’s authenticity and exact origin of ingredients?

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