Alcohol consumption has a huge impact on society – health and the social environment. Its industrial application, therefore, needs safe and fast solutions. Alcoholic beverages transparency and authenticity assurance are of great paramount. The principal prerequisite of liquor is: have sensory properties intended for human consumption, produced by either distillation of a minimum of 15% v/v content of ethyl alcohol of naturally fermented products with additional flavorings or by blending of sugars, flavorings, and other sweetening products, or by addition of plant ethanol macerates, or other agricultural origin products, or by fermentation of natural products. Blending ethyl alcohol of agricultural origin and non-alcoholic or other alcoholic beverages with different spirit drinks produces Spirit drinks.

More than ever, consumers are demanding reassurance of safety and information, authenticity, content, origin, and quality of their food, let alone alcohol. The relationship of alcoholic drinks and liquor to consumers’ health is of concern. The liquor industry’s authenticity is of great concern in light of the fraud and many scandals, which is becoming more of an issue to consumers. These crises have caused severe brand damages and unpleasantly affected consumers’ confidence. Therefore transparency and authenticity assurance is essential in the liquor industries. Liquor industry laws should hence provide an enabling environment where fraudulent practices are uncovered, which include data sharing, effective enforcement practices, robust laboratory methodologies, and regulatory frameworks in the liquor industries.

Why is it Important to be transparent and authentic?

What’s really in your glass?

While this article was entirely focused on liquor, it has got some key takeaways that might be a great deal to the newly developed and already established business that has the vision

of building companies that will generate lifelong customers. Here are the reasons why transparency and authenticity are vital:

a) Wide-scale solutions to certain problems:

To avoid losing customers

We are in the 21st century where everybody has adept knowledge in everything. Many brands are producing the same commodity making today’s consumers have more choices than ever. I call this a 21st-century reality. This is not a catchy tagline. When customers are not happy with what you offer them, they will flock to the greener pastures where their needs are taken care of accordingly.

To avoid losing sight of your mission

Transparency and authenticity assurance is essential for certain strategic reasons as it is for your spreadsheets. If you routinely disgruntle customers by offering them poor quality, authentic and transparent goods, the overall impact is that the employees are disgruntled and underperforming. This will largely have the effect of having cracks in all departments in your production of liquor. The customers’ ability to buy into your branded mission is cracked too. The effect is that this fundamentally changes the course and the future of your company – something that is not pleasing if you ask me.

To avoid losing revenue

The main purpose of starting any business is to create revenue, of course, by making your customer and clients happy. When your goods such as liquor lack authenticity and transparency, as we saw earlier, you lose customers to better brands, and further employees tend to underperform. When a brand’s reputation falls, and the consumer base falls, the ultimate bottom line – revenue – falls with them.

b) Stands to lend your liquor industry the following

A more positive working environment

It is notoriously hard to control the work attitudes variable. Suppose you have a mission- guided company or business. In that case, it takes transparency and authenticity assurance

in seriousness and takes care of the customers’ hearts – you end up grasping the mood- hacking benefits.

Results-driven mindset

Rather than having a job-driven mindset, authenticity and transparency assurance maintains a results-driven mindset. What do I mean? Employees will maintain this as a core principle rather than a mere routine checkmark. The employees are here to better the lives of the customers and solve problems. They are not in the house to clock in and out. The businesses result in the bloom given of that.

A vibrant brand following

Transparency and authenticity assurance brings integrity and trust that you both need and want to build the customer base. Putting your money where your mouth is, creates an ideal brand – a brand that says what it will do. This is the brand’s culture pulse. Overall the businesses pay big bucks for.

Efficient production process

Authenticity and transparency assurance allows for a streamlined production process of goods and services regardless of the business type. It therefore means:

  • Smoothened regulatory audits
  • Control processes that are improved
  • Collaborated and improved culture
  • Increased worker engagement
  • Better management and employee trainingFocus on the real people

    If your liquor business is not motivated to bring that real value to the real people, I’m sorry to tell you that it’s one adrift in its purpose. Transparency and authenticity assurances stimulate collaboration and creativity. Guidance and feedback are required from all the stakeholders – the managers and the employees. Team members can be able to reflect on their mission and goals and contribute to them. Making a superior end in turn. This attention

makes consumers reap large rewards by receiving noted customer attention, highest quality goods, and interactions that stem beyond transactional.

Better asset and resource management

Money and time are saved by authenticity and transparency assurance. It does achieve this because it brings a renewed focus on productivity and efficiency at each organization’s level. New models of innovation and production are created as the old company ways are dumped. Better compliance and testing procedures are further allowed to bolster accountability and improve the reliability of a product. We have seen that assurance in transparency and authenticity opens the employees’ minds to see the bigger picture of their work is towards an authentic common good. Employees are therefore not left behind.

Wrap Up

Transparency and authenticity assurance not only boosts the feel-good nature of your liquor industry. If taken seriously, it brings real value to the real people – within and outside the liquor industry. It’s a rare occurrence, but transparency and authenticity assurance makes a win-win situation for both the business and customers day in and day out.